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Neo Renaissance • Vector Asset Pack 01 • Stoic Digital

Neo Renaissance • Vector Asset Pack 01 • Stoic Digital

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After years of using a variety of asset packs in our design work, specifically for R.A.G E Nation apparel, Stoic Digital ultimately decided that we had something unique to bring to the market. Our foray into the digital asset economy begins with our first vectorkit, Neo-Renaissance 01, containing 140+ vector elements.

Neo-Renaissance Vectorkit 01 was created to satisfy our needs, the pack must be: useful, convenient, all while containing no filler. Every object is complete, useful amongst a broad scope of design work, and was created with passion and intent. We hope you enjoy and reap the benefits of this pack, as we have on a daily basis since creating it.


Upon receiving your immediate digital download, open your .zip folder. Inside you will find a fully-vectored .ai file containing each shape outlined and expanded, ready for effortless drag-and-drop between different programs. In addition to this, the PNG’s folder contains each shape exported individually as a transparent PNG file for your convenience.
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